1 1/2" x 180", COSEN, C-4038NC, 2003, Chip Conveyor, Dual Column, Fully Program   Our stock number: 340704

General Specifications as per Brochure(please verify details)

 Max. Round Cutting Capacity:                      15"
 Max. Square Cutting Capacity:                     15" x 15"
 Max. Rectangle Cutting Capacity:                  15 3/4" x 15"
 Max. Bundle Cutting Capacity With Opt. Top Clamp: 7" x 10 1/2"
 Blade Speed (Variable):                           49-328 FPM
 Blade Size:                                       1 1/2" x 15' x .052"
 Blade Guides:                                     Carbide
 Saw Blade Motor:                                  7.5 HP
 Hydraulic Motor:                                  2 HP
 Coolant Motor:                                    1/8 HP
 Job Storage:                                      Up To 20 Jobs
 Single Index Stroke:                              0"-19 3/4"
 Multiple Stroking Index:                          0"-650"
 Electrics:                                        220/3/60

Equipped With:

Hydraulic Chip Conveyor

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