Okamoto 124N, 1990   Our stock number: 338713

Okamoto 124N, 1990

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Okamoto 124N, 1990

General Specifications As Per Brochure (Please Verify Details):

Working Surface of Chuck:                      12" x 24"
Max Grinding Length:                           24"
Max Grinding Width:                            12"
Max Dist. Under 12":                           13.7"

Wheel to Table Top
Max Longitudinal Travel Of Table:              29.5"
Max Cross Travel of Table:                     13.6"
Surface Length of Pad:                         30"
Surface Width of Pad:                          11.8"
T-Slot of Table Feeds(No. X Width):            3"x .669"

Longitudal Movement of Table
Hydraulic Feed Per Revolution:                 1- 100 FPM
Hand Feed per Revolution:                      1.85"

Cross Movement of Table
Hydraulic Intermittent Feed:                   0.02"-0.8"
Hydraulic Continuous Feed Per Minute:          4- 40 IPM
Hand Feed Per Revolution:                      .25"
Graduation of Handwheel:                       .002"

Vertical Movement of Wheel Head
Automatic Feed Per Table Stroke (OPT):         0.001- .015"
Automatic Feed Per Table Reversal:             0.001- .015"
Graduation of Handwheel:                       .0002"
Hand Feed Per Revolution:                      0.05"
Vertical Rapid Feed:                           19 IPM 

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