4"Dia, MTA Super 100, 5', 2004 for fixed headstock   Our stock number: 338263

4 Dia, MTA Super 100, 5', 2004 for fixed headstock

General Specifications As Per Brochure (Please Verify Details):

Bar diameters:                                 1/4" to 4" Rounds 
                                               1/4" to 3 1/4" Hexagonal
Bar Length:                                    60" 

Bar Weight:                                    225 lbs.
Accuracy:                                      First infeed: +/- .020"
                                               Feeding:  +/- .004"
Dimensions:                                    86.5" x 42.5" Deep

Equipped With:
  Memory up to 100 jobs
  Guided way supported belt drive
  Geared motor
Self adjusting bar feed with automatic & programmable bar diameter height &

  thrust after material type input
Accurate bar positioning, servo driven, belt fed, closed loop encoder
  Uniform or random lengths
  Sub spindle mode

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