2"Dia, LNS Alpha 552, 12', Fixed or Sliding Headstock NEW   Our stock number: 335059

2 Dia, LNS Alpha 552, 12', Fixed or Sliding Headstock NEW

General Specifications As Per Brochure (Please Verify Details):

Bar Length:                                    39" - 12'6"
Barstock Capacity:                             .20" - 1.85" w/o bar prep
                                                    - 2.047" w/ bar prep
Air Supply:                                    80 - 100 PSI
Hydraulic Oil:                                 14 Gal/ISO 100
Control Voltage:                               24 V DC, 1 Amp
Shipping Weight:                               2,680 lbs

Base Unit with 1 setup                                         $31,600.00

Setup includes:
Guiding Elements, Pusher flag, Pusher, Rotating Sleeve, Collet Adapter, Collet

according to bar stock size (round)

(Please specify bar stock size when ordering)

Production package includes Base Unit + 3 complete setups: 
Guiding Elements, Pusher Flag, Pusher, Rotating Sleeve, Collet Adapter, 1

Collet.                                                        $34,500.00

A collet is required for each bar diameter, as the bar diameter approaches the

lathe capacity; the bar will require end turning preparation.

1-3/4" Bar Capacity - Complete Setups (3/4" - 1-3/4") - 46, 38, 28
2" Bar Capacity - Complete Setups (1" - 2") - 53, 44, 35

Optional Accessories

Additional Bearing Set
Includes: Set of guiding elements, pusher, rotating sleeve, collet, flag &

collet adapter                                                 $ 2,900.00

Tall leg risers for lathe centerline 47-1/4" to 55" (1,200 mm to 1,400 mm)
                                                               $   950.00
Extension for short Spindle machines (including 2 bushing)     $ 1,300.00

Additional bushing for hydrostatic front stabilizer            $   190.00
Dual Channel Saftey Circuit Protection (DCS)                   $   500.00

 (one remnant collet is required for each bar diameter)

Remnant Collet from .078" to .354":                            $    105.00
Remnant Collet from .393" to .866":                            $    130.00
Remnant Collet from .908" to 1.259":                           $    160.00
Remnant Collet from 1.299" to 1.811":                          $    255.00
Remnant Collet from 1.850" to 2.440":                          $    450.00

Cone for Pusher .250" to 2.050" (one per bar size)             $    175.00
  (remnant ejected through spindle)

Steel Spindle Liners for Fixed Headstock Lathe
One spindle liner tube is required for each guiding element size

Up to 3-1/8" Drawtube I.D. Round Liner                         $    495.00
Surcharge for Hardened Liner                                   $    175.00
Spindle Liner 3-Piece for undersized barfeed) up to 2.75"      $    595.00
Spindle Liner 3-Piece for undersized barfeeds) over 2.75"      $    775.00
Coolant Collector Extension                                    $    650.00
Quick Change Adapter                                           $    540.00

Installation (USA)                                             $ 3,300.00
Installation (Canada & Mexico)                                 $ 3,950.00

An LNS Service Engineer can be provided to install the bar feeder at a flat

rate; this is on a "per trip" basis. The standard installation includes set up

of the bar feeder, mechanical alignment, mounting the bar feeder to floor,

electrical connection of the bar feeder to the machine tool interface

(supplied by the builder), and a complete check and run off of the bar feeder.

A set of anchor bolts for the bar feeder is included.  In order to allow

comprehensive training and run off, it is recommended that machine be set up

and capable of making parts; and part programs and material should be

available before arrival of the LNS Service Engineer.

Standard warranty includes one year parts and labor including travel.

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