355 CFM, ABSOLENT A-mist 6C, (replaces ODF 800)   Our stock number: 333226

355 CFM, ABSOLENT A-mist 6C, (replaces ODF 800)

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355 CFM, ABSOLENT A-mist 6C, (replaces ODF 800)

General Specifications per Manufacturer:
(details must be confirmed by buyer)

Max Permissible Air Volume:                 355 CFM
Sound level, 1m in frnt of unit:            65 dB 
Weight (dry filters):                       143 lbs
Filter Area, filter 1 (Absolent filter):    83 cubic feet
Filter area, Filter 2 (HEPA filter):        73 cubic feet

Fan Data
Motor Output:                               0.85 hp
Power Supply:                               1.26 A
 - Rated current (3 phoase)                 440-480 V
Speed:                                      2400 rpm
Dimensions:                                 24.4" W x 11.8" D x 39.4" H
Duct Inlet:                                 4.9"

Standard Equipment:
   Pressure gauges for reading the pressure drop across the filter

PRICING (subject to change witout notice)
    A-mist 6C w/ water based pre-filter     $3,205.00
    A-mist 6C w/ oil based pre-filter       $3,384.00

Accessories (price on request):
   Motor Starter for Fan
   Duct Connection for various type of steel and plastic ductwork available on

the market
   Support Stand
   Water trap for various connections of the return oil pipe
   Pressure monitor, for external alarm or alarm indication with LED
   Special Colors


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