8mm - 80mm (.315 - 3.15") Dia, Edge Rebel 80, 4', NEW   Our stock number: 327299

8mm - 80mm (.315 - 3.15 ) Dia, Edge Rebel 80, 4', NEW

General Specifications As Per Brochure:

Bar diameter capacity:                         8 mm to 80 mm (.315" to 3.15")
Bar length capacity:                           48"
(spindle length determined by max. bar length)
Magazine capacity:                             24 linear inches
Bar Loading Cycle Time:                        20 Seconds
Power Consumption:                             1Kw
Operating Voltage:                             200 to 415V/60HZ Single Phase
Control Voltage:                               24V DC
Spindle Center Height:                         875mm - 1275mm (34.5" -50.125"
Machine Dimensions:                            74" x 44"
Weight:                                        900 lbs

Standard Features:
  Fixed piece feed-out and sub-spindle mode
  Lathe spindle speed can be maximized
  Material length can be uniform or random
  Material can be round, hexagonal or shaped
  (2) Pushers included: 10 mm, 18 mm
  Custom Lathe Cable and Male Interface Plug

Optional Accessories:
Spindle liner-up to 51 mm:                     $420.00 
  (as measured by lathe drawtube I.D.)

Spindle liner-greater than 51 mm:              $580.00 
  (as measured by lathe drawtube I.D.)

High Voltage Kit:                              1,500.00 
  (required for lathes over 400V)

V-Tray Kit:                                    $500.00 
  (required on lathes that have gap between sheet metal & spindle)

Tall Stands for lathes 
with spindle center greater than 1150 mm:      $695.00

Installation:                                  $2,600.00
We recommend that an Edge Technologies authorized technician perform the

installation, verification, and training on your bar feeder
system. The $2,600 is a net price and is a "per trip" price. In order to

achieve effective and comprehensive training and run-off, it
is advised that the lathe be tooled up, program ready, and capable of making

parts prior to the arrival of Edge Technologies' Service
Technician. Return visits due to post run-off reinstallations or a lack of

customer and/or dealer readiness will be billed at $125.00/
hour labor and $85.00/hour travel plus expenses.

Interfacing of Bar Loader to CNC Lathe:
The Rebel 80 Servo requires that the lathe OEM or dealer has installed their

lathe with an authentic magazine bar feeder interface.
Among other safety features, the lathe must be capable of opening and closing

the chuck in automatic mode via m-codes upon
request. Edge Technologies will forward an interface diagram and signal timing

chart. Interface connection and the supply of the
appropriate interface is the responsibility of the CNC lathe supplier

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