.118" - 1 1/2"Dia, Iemca Mini Boss 338, 6', Fixed or Sliding Headstock, NEW   Our stock number: 320460

.118 - 1 1/2 Dia, Iemca Mini Boss 338, 6', Fixed or Sliding Headstock, NEW

Genreal Specifications As Per Brochure:

Bar Size Capacity:                             3mm (.118") - 38mm (1.496")
Bar Length Capacity:                           6'
Maximum Bar Length:                            6'9"
Minimum Bar Length:                            37.5"
Magazine Capacity:                             11 linear inches
Maximum Remnant Length:                        11.6"
Operating Voltage:                             230V AC 3 Phase (400V available)
Control Voltage:                               24 Volts DC
Total Power Required:                          2.5 kVA/2 kW
Compressed Air Required:                       90 PSI, 1 cfm
Guide Channel Oil:                             ISO 100, Quantity 15 gals
                                               (Not Included) 

Feeding Speed:                                 30"/sec max (adjustable)
Facing Accuracy:                               +/-.020"
Bar Change Time:                               27 seconds for 6' bar
Bar Straightness Requirement:                  .007"/foot
Bar Feeder Shipping Weight:                    1350 lbs.
Color:                                         RAL 5002 Blue, RAL 7035

                                               Light Gray

Standard Equipment Includes:

Custom Electrical Cable Package & Interface Kit
Remnant Retract
Bushing Device
Synchronization Device 
Guide Channel Set includes: 1 Bar Pusher, 1 Nose, 1 Rotating Tip, 1 Split 
Bushing, 1 Collet.


Mini Boss 332-338/6 with two (2) complete guide channel sets which includes 2

bar pushers, 2 rotating tips, 2 collets,2 noses, 2 split bushings and 1

spindle liner.                                 $36,900.00

Mini Boss 332-338/6 with three (3) complete guide channel

sets which includes 3 bar pushers, 3 rotating tips, 3 collets,3 noses, 3 split

bushings and 2 spindle liners                  $38,900.00 

Axial Shift Device                             $ 1,875.00
Category III Interface:                        $ 1,400.00
Special Adaptation Kit:                        $ 1,600.00
  (required for some lathes)
Anti-Vibration Device:                         $ 1,600.00
  (reccommended for bushingless Swiss, or when running Swiss lathes with a

spindle bore less than 32mm, stroke exceeding 6" and when running "soft"


Outboard Bushing Device:                       $ 2,900.00
 (reccommended for a bushingless Swiss with a spindle bore greater than 32mm,

lathe headstock stroke exceeding 6" and when running "soft"material)

Installation IEMCA/Bucci USA Installation:     $ 3,100.00 
Includes labor, travel and 12 month warranty

Important Notes:
Bar Feeder Installation does not include lathe-side software or

hardware for magazine bar feeder interface.This interface must be supplied and

installed by the lathe OEM or Distributor, prior to bar feeder

installation.Maximum Bar diameters are for front ejection of the remnant. For

remnant retraction, maximum diametersare slightly less. Bar straightness,

proper guide channel selection, correct alignment and anchoring of bar feeder

will ensure optimum performance at maximum rpm

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