EDGE Rebel Ecofeed, .196" - 2 5/8"Dia x 4', for fixed headstock   Our stock number: 310208

EDGE Rebel Ecofeed, .196 - 2 5/8 Dia x 4', for fixed headstock

General Specifications per Brochure:

Bar Diameter Capacity:              .196 - 2.63" (5mm - 67mm)
Bar Length Capacity:                48" (60" version also available)
Magazine Capacity:                  25 linear inches
Bar Loading Cycle Time:             20 sec
Power Consumption:                  1kW
Operating Volatge:                  230V-60Hz
Control Voltage:                    24V DC
Spindle Height:                     36.25" - 51.125"
Air Supply:                         70-100 psi

Machine Footprint:                  63" x 48" (75" x 48" on 60" version)
Machine Weight:                     650 lbs

Control:                            Mitsubishi PLC 

Easy centerline adjustment using sliding scale
Standard X-axis axial shift device
Soft load presentation
Remote control pendant
No special straightness restrictions
Material length can be uniform or random
Material can be round, hexagonal or shaped
Pneumatically feeds to a turret stop

(3) Pushers: 6mm, 12mm, 19mm
Custom lathe cable and male interface plug

Optional (prices subject to change without notice):

Installation:                        $ 2800.00
Spindle liners
  up to 51mm:                        $  420.00
  greater than 51mm:                 $  580.00
High Votage Kit:                     $ 1500.00
  req;d for some lathes
V-Tray Kit:                          $  500.00
  reqd for lathes that have a gap between the sheet metal & spindle
Tall stands                          $  695.00
  for lathes with spindle center greater than 1250 mm

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