FMB Micromag .8mm - 20mm, .031" - .787" Dia x 12', Swiss or Fixed Headstock, NEW   Our stock number: 298234

FMB Micromag .8mm - 20mm, .031 - .787 Dia x 12', Swiss or Fixed Headstock, NEW

General Specifications As Per Brochure

Bar diameter capacity:
  w/out prep:                             0.8mm - 20mm (.031" - .787")
  with prep:                              0.8mm - 23mm (.031" - .905")
Max. bar length:                          3800mm (12' 5")
Min. bar length:                          1000mm (39.4")
Magazine remnant length:                  420mm (16.5")
Magazine rack capacity:                   7"
Bar loading cycle time:                   17 seconds for 12' bar
Material straightness specification:      .007" TIR/ft. of material
                                          (V blocks, 3 points equidistant)
Feed force (pusher torque):               max 300 N, adjustable
Forward feed rate:                        710 IPM, adjustable
Return feed rate:                         1420 IPM, adjustable
Power consumption:                        1.5 kw
Operating voltage:                        24V DC
Oil capacity:                             50 liters (13.2 gallons)
Oil viscosity:                            ISO 100 cST
Compressed air supply:                    6 bar (90 psi)
Compressed air consumption:               approx. 3 liters per loading cycle
Weight (approx.):                         1,950 lbs

  (1) Guide channel set of your choice (channel sections, pusher & revolving
  (1) Universal telescopic nose w/ID liner
  (1) OD bar stock pusher collet
  Swiss Headstock Synchronization Device
  Automatic Remnant Retraction, Self Centering Gripper
  (1) Custom lathe cable & interface plug
  (1) Polyurethane bushing blocks (one set includes upper & lower pieces)

FMB Micromag 12' 2 Guide Channel Set Complete Package
Includes (2) Channel Sets, (2) Pushers, (2) Nose Liners, (2) Pusher Collets
& (2) Sets of Bushing Blocks:             $37,500.00

Micromag 6'                               $33,995.00
Micromag 6' w/ 2 channel package          $36,300.00

Optional Accessories - Prices are subject to change w/out notice.
Guide Channel (includes pusher, revolving tip, nose liner & spindle
liner):                                   $ 2,675.00 each
Spindle Liner:                            $   420.00 each
  (needed when selecting a guide channet set whose max.
  bar diameter is smaller than the draw tube of the lathe)

Bar stock pusher collets:                 $   110.00 each
Hex Stock pusher collet                   contact Edge
Polyurethane bushing blocks:
  (includes upper & lower pieces):        $   120.00 each
Long Pusher Kit                           $ 3,700.00
Axial Shift Device w/ Safety Switches     $ 2,600.00
Dual Channel safety kit                   $   500.00
40 Bar Kit (2.2mm max diam)               $ 1,500.00
Moveable Anti-Vibration Device            $ 2,400.00

Installation:                             $ 3,300.00
Bar Feeder installation does not include lathe-side software or hardware
interface.  This interface must be supplied and installed by the lathe
OEM or dealer prior to bar feeder installation.

The anchoring of the FMB bar feeder to the floor is a requirement and will be
performed by the service technician.

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