Edge Rebel 102SE, Full Servo, .315" to 4.00" x 5', NEW   Our stock number: 288848

Edge Rebel 102SE, Full Servo, .315 to 4.00 x 5', NEW

General Specifications As Per Brochure

Bar Diameter:                        8 mm to 102 mm (.315" to 4.00")
Bar Length:                          60" (not to exceed spindle length

Magazine Rack Capacity:              30"
Bar Loading Cycle Time:              18 Seconds
Power Consumption:                   1 kW
Operating Voltage:                   230V 60 Hz - 3 Phase
Control Voltage:                     24V DC
Weight (approx):                     1,100 lbs
Dimensions:                          77" x 54" x 55"

   (2) pushers (10MM & 19MM)
   (1) custom lathe cable & male interface plug

Optional Accessories - Prices Subject to Change without notice:
Installation:                        $2800.00

6mm pusher for 8-10mm diameters      $ 420.00
Spindle Liners:                      $ 600.00
Dual Channel Saftey Kit              $ 500.00
High voltage kit                     $1500.00
  req'd on some lathes

V Tray Kit:                          $ 500.00 
  required when gap on lathe between spindle and sheet metal
Extended V Tray Kit                  $1500.00
  reqd on lathes that have gap between sheet metal & spindle that exceeds 6"

(XL) Pusher kit:                     $2200.00
  adds 500mm to pusher length
Serial Ethernet connection:          $1800.00
Tall Stands For Lathes w/ Spindle    $1200.00
  Center Greater Than 1250mm
Risers req'd with Tall Satnds        $1,000.00
  Center greater than 1350mm
Coolant Collector Ext Kit            $  500.00
  req'd with extended liner

Bar Feeder installation does not include lathe-side software or hardware
interface.  This interface must be supplied and installed by the lathe
OEM or dealer prior to bar feeder installation.

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