UNIQUELINK BARCODE BUFFER MODEL 300   Our stock number: 262543


General Information per Manufacturer:

Key Features:

   Installs in-line with existing cabling
   Allows Remote RequestT from older CNC's
   Allows Remote RequestT from non-ISO Mazak CNC's
   Reduces standard Remote RequestT methods
   Allows for easy data collection with Predator MDC(TM)
   Wand, Laser, Slot Badge and Magstripe Scanners

UniqueLink Bar Code Readers (BCR's) are designed to work both with older NC

and CNC controls with limited displays and keyboards, or to further reduce the

time taken to control Predator DNC(TM).

Instead of editing and punching out a Remote Request(TM) program operators can

simply swipe a bar code and set the machine to read. This can be applied for

all the functionality found inside Predator DNC(TM) such as uploading,

downloading and printing of CNC data.

Typical Remote Request(TM) methods require editing a program or command line

in order to control the DNC software. This can be very time-consuming if you

are using long filenames, especially if errors are made and the Remote

Request(TM) must be re-written. If program filenames can be added onto your

shop floor documentation then the process is made not only easier but safer as

well. The use of bar codes can greatly reduce the chance of calling the wrong


If your job sheets, travelers, or CNC set-up sheets already contain some

unique bar code information, then it may also be possible to configure a

Predator DNC(TM) and BCR solution just for you.

UniqueLink BCR's can also be used for data collection purposes, in order to

track machine tool events or to record data that cannot be collected

automatically. This is a much prefered method of manual data collection

because it eliminates the need for PC hardware on the shop floor and paper-

based data collection systems.

Approx Replacement Cost $695.

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