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Turbo HB Conveyors
 - A Conveyor consisting of steel hinge plates joined together by steel pins.

Material is carried along the conveyor much like people on an escalator. Hinge

belt conveyors are recommended for most steel and general purpose

applications.  Hinge belt conveyors are the most durable conveyor for stringy

and bailed up chips.
 - Hinge belt conveyors come in Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty

models. The model selected is based on machine horse power, chip load and, in

some cases, machine tool design.

Type of Belt
 - Perforated - Hinge belt plates containing a hole pattern allowing coolant

to easily drain through the belt. Ideal for most steel applications.

Perforated hinge belt plates are not recommended for fine chips as the chips

wash through the belt with the coolant.
 - Double Perforated - Hinge belt plates containing twice the normal holes.

Used with higher viscosity cutting fluids, such as cutting oil, to allow for

the slower draining time of these fluids.
 - Non Perforated - Hinge belt plates without a hole pattern. Used when fine

chips are present in a machining application to minimize their movement into

the coolant sump. In all fine chip applications, a filtering conveyor is

recommended. Non perforated belts will carry more coolant from the machine

than perforated belts.
 - Any hinge belt conveyor can be equipped with a Perforated, Double

Perforated or Non Perforated belt.

Filtering Conveyors
 - Turbo MF2 - A standard hinge belt conveyor mounted on top of a scraper

Turbo MF conveyor with a rotating, self-cleaning drum filter. The best choice

for heavy chip loads, mixed materials, and a combination of materials. This

conveyor will handle any type of chip including stringers, balled up chips,

and fine chips. Heavy chip loads associated with high speed machining are

handled well along with the fine chips from the same type of machining. The

filtration level is standard at 50 micron nominal. This conveyor solves all

problems associated with chip migration in coolant tanks.
 - Turbo MF3 - A standard hinge belt conveyor mounted on top of a scraper

Turbo MF conveyor with a rotating, self-cleaning drum filter. The Turbo MF3

design will often allow this conveyor to be used in tighter spaces from a

machine and plant layout perspective than a Turbo MF2. This
conveyor will handle any material and chip type while providing 50 micron

coolant filtration.
 - Turbo MF - A scraper conveyor combined with a patented rotating, self-

cleaning drum filter. This product works well with medium chip loads of

discontinuous broken chips and fine chips. Will work well on most aluminum

applications. Not recommended for steel applications where
stringy, balled up chips are possible. The filtration level is standard at 250

micron nominal.
 - Turbo MS500 - A scraper conveyor combined with self-cleaning filter media.

This conveyor is good for broken chip material such as aluminum, brass and

cast iron in medium to light chip loads. Scraper conveyors are not recommended

for applications with continuous (stringy, balled up, etc.) chips of any kind.

The filtration level is 500 micron nominal. The H design incorporates the

filter media into the conveyor load resulting in a more economical filtering

 - Turbo MH Series- A hinge belt conveyor incorporating either 250 or 500

micron self-cleaning filters. This economical design is approximately the same

size as a hinge belt conveyor. In most cases, the MH will fit in the machines

standard coolant tank. The design also takes up less floor space.

Scraper Conveyors
 - Scraper conveyors consist of a conveyor body and belt made from chain with

scraper (drag) bars suspended between the chain. The scraper bars scrape chips

along the bottom of the conveyor frame and up an incline. Scraper conveyors

are specified for discontinuous chip applications only. Do not use scraper

conveyors for any application with stringy and/or bailed up chips of any kind.

Turbo Magnetic Conveyors
 - Magnetic conveyors are designed with a fully enclosed moving belt

containing a series of powerful, permanent magnets. The belt is designed to

move the magnets in close proximity to a stainless steel top cover or slider

face. The magnets attract ferrous material and pull the ferrous chips along

the slider face until the materials is discharged from the conveyor. These

conveyors are ideal for cast iron and broken steel chip applications. Because

the magnets are in close proximity to one another, magnetic conveyors do not

handle stringy chips well.

Optional Equipment
 - Air Header Assembly - Mounted to the discharge section of the conveyor,

this assembly directs a stream of customer supplied compressed air to the

underside of the conveyor belt as it moves back into the incline of the

conveyor. The air stream blows off any chips adhering to the belt before they

are allowed to migrate back into the conveyor body
 - Chip Stripper Bar - Mounted to the discharge section of the conveyor, the

chip stripper bar is designed to snag long stringy chips to rip the chips off

the conveyor belt before they have a chance to migrate back in the conveyor

 - Variable Speed Drive - Three phase electrical control device allows the

belt speed to be varied from 2-9 FPM. This option is ideal for customers with

changing chip loads so the belt speed can be set based on the amount of chips

present at any given time. This option is standard on Magnetic, MH, Microfine

and Microfine 2 Conveyors.
 - Coolant Collector - Mounted to the discharge end of the conveyor, the

coolant collector traps coolant dripping from the discharge and funnels the

coolant back into the
machine sump

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