0M0130   MACHINING CENTERS,HORIZ,N/C & CNC(Incl.Pallet Changers)

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  11.81"X, 19.69"Y, 17.72"Z, MATSUURA MAM-500HF PC11, 1995, Yasnac I80, 210 ATC [398210]
  17.7"X, 15.7"Y, 15.7"Z, MATSUURA ES450HII, 2000, Fanuc 18i, HP Thru Spindle, TP [402474]
  20"X, 18"Y, 14"Z, Haas EC300, 2013, 4th Axis, Rigid Tap, 12,000 RPM [402142]
  22"X, 22"Y, 24"Z, OKUMA MB4000H, 2016, 15000 RPM, 64 ATC, PROBING, CHIP CONVEYOR [399558]
  22"X, 22"Y, 26"Z, DMG MORI NHX 4000 GEN 2 RPP, 2015, 5-Pallert, 15k RPM, 120Tool [402667]
22"X, 24"Y, 25"Z, MAZAK NEXUS PFH 4800 [401606]
  22"X, 24"Y, 24"Z, Okuma MA400HA, 2004, 154 ATC, 8000 RPM, Full 4TH, TSC [401409]
  22"X, 25"Y, 22"Z, Haas EC-400PP, 2015, Rigid Tap, Tool & Work Probe, 12,000 RPM [401782]
  23"X, 23"Y, 23"Z, TOYODA FH450S, 2008,60ATC [399134]
  24"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, Kitamura Mycenter H-400, 1997, Fanuc, 10K rpm, Full 4th,100atc [401811]
  24.8"X, 24.4"Y, 27.9"Z, OKK HP500S, 2006, Fanuc 180i, Conveyor, 12,000 RPM [400386]
  24.8"X, 24.4"Y, 27.9"Z, OKK HP500S, 2006, Fanuc 180i, Conveyor, 12,000 RPM [400387]
  28.7"X, 28.7"Y, 33.5"Z, MORI SEIKI NHX5000, 2016, 12K RPM, 60 ATC, full 4th [401562]
  28.7"X, 28.7"Y, 33.5"Z, MORI SEIKI NH5000, 2003, 1 Degree, 120 ATC, 6 Pallet [398260]
  31"X, 31"Y, 31"Z, Mazak Nexus HCN 6000II, 2007, Mazatrol Matrix, Pallet Changer [401353]
  39.3"X, 31.5"Y, 29.5"Z, OKUMA MC-600H, 1 degree, Cat 50, 40 Position ATC, 6k RPM [393976]
  41.3"X, 35.4"Y, 38.6"Z, MORI SEIKI NH-6300 DCG II, 2011, HP TSC, Probe, 120 ATC [402643]
  41.34"X, 35.43"Y, 38.58"Z, MAZAK HCN 6800-II, 2011, 16 Pallet Stockers [402504]
  53"X, 45"Y, 45"Z, Toyoda FA-800, 2006, Fanuc 16iM, Conveyor, Pallet Changer, HPC [401340]
  84"X, 50"Y, 60"Z, Haas HS-6R, 2002, Touch Probe, Full 4th, Twin Tool Changer [400146]

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